A creative retreat for photographers.
Next Gathering: dec 7-9th

the collective - retreat

Next Collective:  December 7th - 9th (SOLD OUT!!)

The Collective is a bi-monthly gathering that focuses on different creative fields within the wedding industry. The Collective was birthed out of a place of wanting more. Wanting more creative freedom, wanting more diversity in our portfolios, wanting more of a chance to play in our creative fields without any boundaries telling us otherwise. We truly value and believe that community is everything, support from other industry professionals means the world, and connecting with other artists is the key to staying refreshed and excited about your art. We were never meant to do this alone, and The Collective emphases that to the next degree. Join us on our next Collective Retreat on December 7th-9th.



created and designed by Marble + pine 

We will have x3 shoots during this retreat:

x1 - in home session
x1 - beach session
x1 - downtown Charleston elopement session

We have many details lined up for the 2 day retreat, please fill out our contact
form to view our in-depth PDF explaining the entire retreat!



free style

where the attendee takes control in a stress free environment.

During all 3 shoots, each attendee will have the chance to shoot freely, directing their couple as they see fit.

Our only shoot that will come with slight direction and advice will be our Beach Engagement Session. Halle Morgan Photo will spend ten minutes explaining how she gets her couples comfy and will give the attendees some tips of posing.

Besides that, the control is in YOUR hands! 



free style—

retreat in style

private pool, hot tub, and home.

We know we are NOT the only ones in need of a vacation. This retreat will be in in Folly Beach, SC, at a private home Airbnb. We will be renting out one big house, for 8 attendees, where we will have a pool, plenty of sleeping space, all food included (unless if we decide to go out to eat first night), and lots of hot tub time.

We have many details lined up for the 2 day retreat, please fill out our contact
form to view our in-depth PDF explaining the entire retreat!



about the gathering

information about the july 25th gathering


take away—

so what is this?

how long is this?

how much is this?

location of gathering?

what can i expect?

Is this only for photogs?

the styled collective gathering is a gathering of wedding industry creatives yearning for more.

this gathering is $275.00. payment is due in full to save your spot and there are no refunds.

each attendee will get the opportunity to shoot one couple, one woman for bridal shots, and many other details. THIS GATHERING IS A GREAT PORTFOLIO BUILDING OPPORTUNITY.

this gathering will range from 1.5-2 hrs long, refreshments will be provided.

the location of the gathering is
120 cumberland park drive
saint augustine fl 32095

our july collective is only for photograpgers/videographers. however, we will host gatherings bi-monthly for different creatives.


what to know about the

So what is this all about?!
-Our July gathering is for any creative looking to have the opportunity to create freely, build their portfolio with beautiful and diverse people, and to get a little BTS of how Lauren from, We Are The Bowsers, does what she does!

When and where is this gathering?!
-Our July gathering will be held at the Marble + Pine studio (a large warehouse with a big garage bay door for natural light and all white walls) on July 25th. Time is to be determined but we guesstimate that the gathering will last approximately 1.5-2 hours.

What kind of details will I be shooting?!
-You will be given the opportunity to document a ceremony set up, a tablescape and its details, paper goods, a couple, and a bride for bridal shots. There will be back drops involved, floral installments, and many white walls! Both shoots are wedding related to help build your wedding portfolio.

How much is this?!
-Our July gathering will cost $275.00 for each attendee and we will cap attendance to 10 people. Photographers and Videographers only please!

What vendors are involved for this shoot?
-Our July gathering will host many different vendors, a few of them being:
Lauren, We are The Bowsers
Marble + Pine, Floral Design
Jess, Salvaging Eden Calligraphy
Kiara Shannelle, Makeup Artist
One Bridal, Wedding Dress Boutique
Tono + Co, Silk Textiles

And many more!

So what will this gathering look like?!
-Our July gathering is centered around creating and capturing moments as a photographer. You will first watch Lauren demonstrate how she works with a couple to get real and authentic moments from them. Then each attendee will get their own time to shoot, while Lauren makes herself available for others to ask questions. Once the first shoot is completed, there will be a 15 minute break where snacks and refreshments are provided. Once the break concludes, Lauren will then continue her teaching while working on the next styled shoot. Once the second shoot concludes, Lauren will then offer 10 minutes to answer any final questions and the gathering will conclude!

What do you mean the Styled Collective will be held bi-monthly?
-Great question! We want to offer our gatherings bi-monthly to serve as a refreshing way for creatives to keep creating, to keep exploring their craft, to keep pushing the boundaries. We believe that creating for FUN can not only change one's perspective on their craft, but it can keep a creative feeling refreshed, recharged, and inspired to continue pursuing their dreams.

Our bi-monthly Styled Collective gatherings will offer different teachers, different set ups, and different aesthetics each time. We want things to be fresh and exciting and NEW for every attendee, every single time!

Okay, I'm sold, where do I sign up to hold my spot!?
-What, what! We are SO excited to have you on board! Please sign up below and we will be in touch with your gathering invoice that you can submit to hold your spot! We can't wait to host you!



watcha think?

hey there!







So, are you all in? Are you ready to get your socks blown off by some incredibly gorgeous florals at your event? We can't wait to start dreaming up something unforgettable with you. In the meantime, check out our work, take a look around, and shoot us an email!